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To learn to drive or pass your practical driving test you need to have a learner permit or an overseas licence. (The Road to Solo Driving is the handbook you need to study to pass your learner permit test) Before you pass your practical driving test you need to pass the Hazard Perception Test. Then we will help you to get your driving license, it is easy. All our driving instructors have years of experience, we will teach you to drive safely and, in accordance with VicRoads criteria, just give us a call.

It is the safest way. The Driving School cars have dual controls and, Driving School Instructors are professionals who know their jobs and, will teach you to drive safely and in accordance with The Road Traffic Regulations, (the way you need to drive to pass your driving test).

Of course we can, please call us, we are overseas conversion experts. We can help you with Drive Test Preparation, so you will drive the way VicRoads expects you to drive to pass the test, and help you with Test Route Familiarization

Lessons run for 45 minutes, beginning from a previously agreed location, your home, school, work or VicRoads Office, (we also have lessons of one hour) If you live far from your nearest VicRoads; double lessons are helpful to get familiar with the Test routes. See our special deals for double lessons.

It is a personal choice, learning to drive an automatic car is easier, but if you pass your driving test in an automatic car, you are not permitted to drive a manual car until you pass another practical driving test in a manual vehicle. If you pass the driving test in a manual car you have the freedom to choose to drive either manual or automatic vehicles.

Yes we often have people taking driving lessons for reasons such as: to boost confidence, to get used to driving in a new city o country, to update their knowledge on new Rules and Regulations and so on. Check the Rates page or call us for current deals.

Yes all our Driving School Instructors are Accredited and have years of experience, so with Motor Oz Driving School, you will be in good hands.

Everyone learns at different speeds. Regardless of your stage in the learning process, with Motor Oz Driving School you will learn to drive: quicker, easier and safer.

No you can learn to drive with your family or friends; but regardless of how good you are, one pre-test lesson would be very beneficial. A good Driving Instructor, would smooth the rough edges —so to speak— by explaining the finer points of the craft of driving well and, most important, in accordance with the criteria of Vic Roads.

Yes check the Rates pages or give us a call for the most current special deals.